Achtung: The Good Hugs

Hugs are not Hugs

That's right. Hugs are not really just hugs. Hugs are drugs. Hugs are the easiest way to boost your supply of the horomone called oxytocin. Oxytocin can help lower a person's stress levels. Hugging throughout the day is a natural to keep your body and your mind healthy. If you don't have anyone to hug, hug an animal. Cats and dogs also need a good supply of oxytocin to stay well-balanced too.

Things You Can Hug

You can hug your friends. You can hug strangers. You can hug your representative in congress if you can talk that person to put down the glass of whisky and to get off the bar chair. You can hug your wife. Your wife can hug you back. You should always hugs your children if you have any. Children love to get hugs and it helps them become stable adults. Achtung! Don't hug Donald Trump. That freak never wears a face mask and he'll probably give you COVID-19.

More GH Abbreviations

G H (GH) is an abbreviation for the words: Good Hugs. It does, however have a bunch of other meanings. For example:
  • GH - Group Hugs
  • GH - Green House
  • GH - Ghana
  • GH - Giclas Hyades (a catalog of stars in the Hyades cluster)
  • GH - Greatest Hits
  • GH - General Health (through hugs)
  • GH - General Hydroponics
  • GH - Good Home
  • GH - Ghost Hunters
  • GH - General Hospital
  • GH - God Haters (Fuck that bitch!)
  • GH - Get Hit
  • GH - Gryffindor House
  • GH - General Hardness
  • GH - Good Head
  • GH - Growth Hormone
  • GH - Got Hemp?